Equine Rules

Requirements for Equine Entries in the Plano Lions Parades

As Texans, we are delighted that you are considering including your equine in the parade.  As the owners of  large animals, you understand the inherent dangers of including large animals in crowded events where animal and spectators can come into close contact.  Unfortunately, that closeness means there are rules.  If you decide to include your equine, the Coggins test and the insurance requirements must be submitted along with your registration.  If we do not have your paperwork before the parade starts, you cannot be in the parade.

  1. Copy of a current Coggins Test for each animal needs to be submitted to the Plano Early Lions Club as part of the entrant’s registration prior to the parade, and a copy of the current Coggins test must be brought to the parade for each animal in the parade.
  2. The Entrant is responsible for the removal of animal waste during the setup of and while walking in the parade. No animal waste shall be left in a location to be encountered by other parade entrants, parade spectators, or the general public.
  3. The Entrants are responsible for ensuring that feed or other litter is cleaned up at the start and finish of the parade.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to ensure that the animals are properly controlled during the parade to ensure that no harm can come to other parade entrants or spectators.
  5. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to ensure that the animals are protected from other entrants or from spectators.
  6. Each Entrant will provide proof of insurance, a Hold Harmless Endorsement and a Additional Insured Endorsement naming the City of Plano, the Plano ISD, and the Plano Early Lions Club at the time the Entrant registers for the parade.